Combination or Hybrid Approaches

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Table 1. Innundatable lands protection options: Notes: three columns: Options, (a) Taxpayers Pay, (b) Coastal Landowners Pay Prevent Development: (a) Taxpayers Pay: Buy land now. Buy nondevelopment easement now. (b) Coastal Landowners Pay: Subdivide land with deeper lots. Setbacks that prohibit new construction below a given elevation or within a certain distance of the shore. Dedicate land as part of permit for coastal development. Deferred Action : (a) Taxpayers Pay Buy land and structures when property threatened. (b) Coastal Landowners Pay : Evict people from their homes. Rolling Easement: (a) Taxpayers Pay : Buy Texas rolling easement. Buy reversionary interest. Buy purchase option. (b) Coastal Landowners Pay: Pass a statute declaring that all future development is subject to the rolling easement. Prohibit bulkheads, seawalls, etc. Require individual structures to be subject to rolling easement as condition for building permit. Require entire development to be subject to rolling easement as condition for subdivision, or for activities that require wetlands to be filled. Texas Open Beaches Act. Hybrid: (a) Taxpayers Pay: field is blank (b) Coastal Landowners Pay: Density Restrictions. Cluster Developments. Maine Dune Rules. South Carolina Beachfront Management Act.

Inundatable lands protection options (Titus, 1998)

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